Funko 55169 Pop! Star Wars - Darth Vader (Force Stance Special Edition) #428

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  • Licensed Star Wars bobble head figure
  • Head wobbles when figure is moved
  • Uses the dark side of the force to aid in important decision making

Details: Do you ever feel the pull of the dark side of the force? You know, that little urge that tells you that laundry can wait until another day (even though you are currently wearing your last clean pair of unmentionables) or that letting the dishes sit in the sink overnight is fine (even though last night's lasagna will have effectively welded itself to the pan by morning)? The next time you face such a moral dilemma, ask Darth if he approves of your decision. It's easy, give him a nudge and his head will wobble. You can decide if he's shaking it yes or no since it kind of bounces all over the place. We checked. He agreed with this plan. - Vinyl bobble head figure

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